Stevie Nicks–Stand Back (with Prince on synthesizers)

Stevie Nicks–Stand Back (with Prince on synthesizers)

Wow!!! This song is a great 80s synth classic rocker–but did you know that Prince played the synths on it??!!!  Apparently Stevie Nicks wrote the song to the melody of Prince’s Little Red Corvette–she told Prince, and he came over and recorded the synths to it!!!

From Wikipedia:

Nicks has often told the story of how she wrote the song. She wrote it shortly after she was married to Kim Anderson. The newlyweds were driving up to San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara when Prince’s song “Little Red Corvette” came on the radio. Nicks states that she started humming along to the melody of the song, and “Stand Back” was born. They stopped and got a tape recorder and she recorded the demo right there in the honeymoon suite that night. Later, when Nicks went into the studio to record the song, she called Prince and told him the story of how she wrote the song to his melody. He came to the studio that night and played synthesizers on it, although his contribution is uncredited on the album. Then, she says, “he just got up and left as if the whole thing happened in a dream.”

PS–Prince, man, get with the 21st century and put your videos on YouTube!!!

Prince: Little Red Corvette (I would have linked the video, but of course, Prince doesn’t have any of his videos on YouTube…)

Here’s a song Kate Bush worked on with Prince, “Why Should I Love You?

I have to find a list of uncredited Prince projects…


2 Responses

  1. Just to clarify didn’t play ALL the synthesizers on this song. His contribution was playing the ping-ponging octave (pizzicato string) part in the chorus. That is all.

    The rest of the keyboards were played by David Bluefield & Sandy Stewart.

    Although, it should be noted the inspiration for this version ofthe song (it was originally written as “Stranded”) came from singing the lead vocal melody line over the top of the opening chords to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”. You can do this yourself.
    Grab Stevie’s lyrics and sing the over the top of LRC. Voila!

    This method of writing is not illegal and certainly not new. John Lennon famously admitted to writing countless Beatles songs by singing/composing over the top of someone else record – usually american r&b records. He’d turn up to the studio with the record in hand, play the record and sing (his new composition) over the top (to demonstrate to the rest of the band/producer). Them, they’d modify and change it so it wasn’t too obvious!

  2. I’m surprised at your comment to Prince about posting his vids on youtube. Are you not aware of his lawsuits for copyrights of his works? He will never post any of his videos or music on a free website and will sue anyone who does. (the operative word being a FREE website) you can find his stuff on sites for a price.

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