Lupe Fiasco Food and Liqour Cover Inspired By Alan Moore Miracleman Comic Art



Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liqour album cover is very superhero-ish–check out the comparison with this panel from issue one of Alan Moore’s Miracleman comic.  Of course, there are probably shots like this in Akira too…I’m going to stay pretty confident it was inspired by this Miracleman art though, look at how the eyebrows and facial features, the head tilt lines up…look at the angle and positioning of the feet…

The whole Miracleman copyright dispute story (best comic book ever, has been out of print since they 1990s due to a copyright disupte) is a good illustration of how screwed up copyright law is sometimes, especially in the hands of irrational and greedy people…The trade paperback reprints now go for hundreds of dollars…people have scanned these classic comics and uploaded them onto BitTorrent to share and preserve these great stories…I like Miracleman even better than the great Watchmen series…


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