Flex-tastic Toe/Foot Therapy!!!


*UPDATE* I finally found an awesome product for separating/strecthing/exercising toes, Flex-tastic, you can buy them at Walgreens!!! They feel so good!!!

Whoa!  For a few weeks I’ve been wanting a way to keep my toes separated/stretched and a way to exercise the muscles in one of my feet due to a foot injury; I just happened to see the box for “Pampered Toes” in a recycled bin!  This looks like it’ll do the trick!   I know, I know, it looks cheesy, but hey–if you’ve got any better way of doing this, I’d like to hear it.  Are there sandals that pretty much do the same thing?  Any thing less infomercial-ly?


One Response

  1. Birkenstock shoes have a toe ridge that make your toes grab as you walk.

    Also, they have exercises on the bottom of this website:

    There is also an exercise I used to do in pilates. Sitting on the floor with your knees up, walk your toes away from you and then back towards you (it is kind of a scrunching motion).

    Good luck!

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