FiestaRed’s 10 places in America that everybody needs to see

OK, here’s my list of what everybody should see in this country and it’s pretty predictable but I feel like posting it anyway.  No groundbreaking off the beaten path things or alternative stuff – just general.

1.  New York City

You must see New York City.  You just must, must, must.  Love it, like it, indifferent, or hate it you need to see it.  You’ve seen it in movies and tv and anyway you should still  see it.  It is an impressive jungle of urbanism (woah that’s deep) and it is a world of it’s own.  You can walk 100 blocks in Manhattan and never escape dense city.  Also anything you eat there will be the best you ever had (pizza, gyro, hoagie, etc..).  You can’t stay in the food business without being incredibly good in New York.  Things you need to do:  Empire State Building, ride the subway, get a slice of pizza, Rockefeller center, Coney Island, get a hot dog from a vendor, get breakfast from any diner, and see a show.  Central park ise negligable and Times Square is not worth it ever since Guiliani cleaned it up and made it “Disneyesque”.  Word of advice – always have your mind made up in any situation (ie. what to order, where to go, what street to take, what train to take) because people there have no patience for indecision- AND DON”T STAND OUT (do not wear your University of Alabama sweatshirt, etc..)

2.  Any city in California

Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego – take your pick.  In fact preferrably you should do a SoCal city + San Francisco.  I don’t really like L.A. but I say that because I lived there for two years growing up – but it is essential to experience the Southern California lifestyle.  Yes you need to get stuck in a freeway traffic jam.  Plus Hollywood (arguably overrated), Venice beach and Santa Monica pier are essential.  If it’s all about the beach, then I recommend San Diego – the laid back L.A..  Plus you can do a much needed day trip to Mexico – be sure to run into the guy with the whistle and a bottle of tequila at any TJ bar.  If you’re civic minded – then San Francisco is the place to go.  Warm enough with all the culture of any east coast city.  Plus a side jaunt to see the freaks in Berkeley is recommended.

3.  Washington DC

Yeah you should see the nation’s capital.

4.  Chicago

I read in a tour book that this is the most “American” city.  It is – drive down Wacker drive a la Blues Brothers (of course not at 110 mph) and it’s bitchin’.  I like this city more than New York because it has all the culture and public transportation plus people are actually nice.

5.  Las Vegas

Yes you need to see mega casinos in the desert.  Revel in fake Eiffel Towers, Volcanoes and people on the street hawking escort services.

6.  Any mountain range in the West.

Rockies, Sierras, Black Hills, Cascades or Denali – it’s beautiful.

7.  True Autumn

You need to see the leaves change – you need to get the crispness – ideally this can only be done north of Maryland and east of Ohio during the month of October.

8.  Urban Blight

Yeah high end shopping, theater, etc.  is great but it’s good to see what was once great that has fallen by the wayside.  Great cities for this: Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, the Bronx, parts of D.C, Cleveland, etc.. – these cities also have their high end shopping, theater, etc. to make them worth while.

9.  Some place outside the US besides Canada.

Yeah it’s good to get out and see some of the world.  No offense to Canada – it has its own feel but its kinda like the U.S.

10.  Snow

Not everybody in this county has seen snow – go see it if you haven’t.

Honorable mentions:  New Orleans, Boston, Disney theme parks (if you are over the age of 12 and don’t have kids then nevermind), Yellowstone, the Desert, Texas, Miami, Philadelphia and Hawaii.


One Response

  1. Awesome…
    I’m going to add some random places–
    Santa Cruz, CA, the stairs going down Coit Tower with the parrots in SF, CA, and Point Reyes, CA
    Disneyland, yes, most definitely
    Malibu, CA, and the old Getty museum, Santa Monica, yes.
    But of course that’s all in CA!

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