Lego Cafe Corner, plus Cheaper Bricks, Please, and Germany’s Rhine River


So, it’s time for someone to buy me a Lego Cafe Corner set.

It’s amazing.  Their whole line of city stuff is amazing, hearkens back to their 80s stuff.  They should sell this stuff in stores more.

But one sec–There’s something I HATE about Lego!!!   I have to get this off my back.  I love AND hate Lego.  I mean, great toy.  But it’s pricing is evil.  It’s like–let’s make this wonderful, mostly non-violent, creative toy that will be great for kids worldwide.  But let’s price it so that the sets are worth more than their weight in gold.  Yeah, I couldn’t afford that awesome Lego train set when I was a kid–and now Legos seem even way more expensive.  Check it out: $483 for this “Lego Creator Model Townhouse.”  If you bought this at this price for your kids, I wish you had spent your money on providing clean drinking water for kids in developing countries!

Lego, I heard  you just lost your trademark with the EU on the way the bricks fit together.  I hope you and competitors start making some more affordable kits (China, you listening?).  No more Lego monopoly!  Have you ever heard of volume sales?  Maybe if you priced your $139.00 Cafe Corner kit at like $75 or $85 you would sell 3x as many sets–and that’s still pretty expensive.  I mean, you mark your sh*t up way more than Apple yo!  I mean…it’s plastic?  How much can some plastic bricks cost to make in bulk???

I mean, come on, you don’t have to make Legos of such high quality that they withstand a nuclear war.  Maybe you could make two versions of each kit–a budget, less expensive version with bricks that use 1/2 as much material and a version with the normal (luxury quality) bricks?  Don’t you want to have the world enriched by kids playing with Lego everywhere?

More on Lego losing their trademark protection.  Wait ’til I get my rapid plastic injection molding/rapid plastic prototyping machine to make my own Lego bricks!!!

This is the awesome European music they listen to in the Lego Cafe Corner: Francis Lai–Snow Frolic.

Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like shelling out for the Lego Cafe Corner, just look up photos of Koblenz/Coblenz, Germany on the Rhine and watch Germany’s Romantic Rhine and Rothenburg on PBS, there might be some other awesome PBS show about the Rhine…here’s a picture of Koblenz from Wikipedia, everything there and in all these cities on the Rhine looks like Cafe Corner….


Here are some awesome pictures from the awesome Lego blog Bricktown Talk.




2 Responses

  1. Yeah I always dug the space legos but even in in 1985 it was like 10 bucks for a (very) small space jet which was similar to the pricing of Star Scream or any ot the cool Autobot cars.

  2. Check this awesome thing out, expensive but well worth it… some other guy is selling it for FOUR times much. Get these while they are still available…. :O

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