Solve the Drug War, Pay Down the US Deficit: MSNBC Marijuana Inc.


Okay, here’s the only reasonable way forward to solve the drug war and pay down the US deficit.  MSNBC’s Marijuana Inc documentary revealed that Mexican drug lords make billions of dollars growing marijuana on US National Forest public lands, harvesting it, and selling it.  The US probably spends billions of dollars combating the Mexican drug trade, including tons of money sending DEA troops in to find and destroy the crops on National Park land–i.e. finding and destroy billions of dollars of a natural plant with medicinal properties legalized by several states including California…all while we’re in a catastrophic recession and have a federal deficit of more than $1 trillion, and pundits think it could reach $10 trillion.

Okay, here’s the solution, Obama, it’s time, the solution to end the drug war and pay down the US deficit: legalize marijuana.  Have the US regulate and grow marijuana on US National Park land, since we already have US agents patrolling, finding, and harvesting Mexican grown marijuana in the National Parks.  Have the US sell the regulated, federally grown marijuana, and use the proceeds to pay down the deficit.  The price of the marijuana will go down a bit since there will not the artificial scarcity anymore, and that aspect of the drug war will decrease as it won’t be as super-profitable and people will be able to buy federally regulated marijuana.

President Obama ran as the President of Change…he needs to set federal drug policy to legalize marijuana.  People argue that marijuana is a “gateway drug.”  Well, alcohol is a gateway drug, tons of people are alcoholics and kill other people in drunk driving accidents, get in tons of fights and drive up our insurance premiums.  Think of how much money police expend dealing with alcohol related incidents including drunk driving and assault.

Aspirin is a gateway drug to Xanax and other prescription pain killers that people take.  Doctors prescribe the highly addictive painkiller methadone to pain sufferers, which they are then addicted to often for life, with negative side effects–why not make it legal for doctors to prescribe marijuana if it works instead of methadone, especially since marijuana is not addictive and doesn’t have the harsh side effects of methadone and other synthetic, pharmaceutical pain killers?  There is a ton of hypocrisy and ill-logic in keeping marijuana illegal, but allowing alcohol consumption and the prescription of drugs like methadone for pain killing.

Not to mention the economic uses and benefits of hemp, a crop that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew.  With the US manufacturing and financial industries in tatters, with a huge population of aging boomers who will have aches and pains and want pain relief, the health and economic benefits of legalizing and selling hemp and marijuana make complete sense for the 21st century.

Obama, it’s time to federally legalize marijuana.


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