Most Interesting Music Blog in Like Forever–JamsBio


I like, I like.  Lots of interesting posts and comments on JamsBio, and you can listen to full tracks.  *UPDATE*  Hmm, nevermind–yesterday I was listening to some full tracks, I went back, and they were only snippets…weird.   Good stuff, and good eclectic mixes of music.

Here are their current top Digged/Dugg?  posts–pretty funny premises as you can tell from the post titles.

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    10 Songs That Resemble Other Songs

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Musicians are notorious for taking this old adage to heart, liberally “borrowing” (either intentionally or subconsciously) chords, melodies and/or lyrics from each other. Some say that it’s, in fact, the essence of all forms of music, especially modern popular music.

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    Saving the Best for Last: 25 Great Closing Tracks

    Although less relevant in the age of MP3s, an album’s sequencing used to be a vital part of the creative process. The order of the tracks was often mulled over as closely as the recording itself….check out these 25 great closers! Includes The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Pixies, Radiohead, The Stone Roses, The Jam, Portishead, The Who…

  • 567 diggs

    10 Songs that Make Me Cry

    I admit it. I’m kind of a sap when it comes to music and its ability to conjure a well of emotions…even tears. That’s right, I’m a grown man who’s sometimes moved to tears when I hear certain songs. Mind you, the stars have to be aligned and all the pieces in place for me to actually well up.

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    25 Follow-Up Albums That Don’t Suck

    The “sophomore slump” has been a term bandied about by music critics when describing a follow-up album that pales in comparison to an artist’s unusually accomplished debut. When the pressure was on to live up to their own hype, these 25 albums delivered the goods.

  • 554 diggs

    Happy B-Day Jimi! Hendrix’s Top 10 Musical Performances

    Tomorrow, November 27th, Thanksgiving Day, is Jimi Hendrix’s birthday. He would have been 66 years old. Perhaps more significant is that this year marks the 40th anniversary of two landmark Hendrix albums – Axis: Bold as Love and the double-LP masterpiece Electric Ladyland.

  • 523 diggs

    12 Underappreciated Artists Due for a Breakout in ‘09

    With the close of 2008 fast approaching, I thought I’d add a little twist to the typical year end lists (which, by the way, is forthcoming from the good folks here at JamsBio) and give a run-down of 12 artists and bands that I feel deserve to have a breakout year in 2009.

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