Prince- Lotusflow3r

In case you’re wondering or haven’t heard, Prince’s new album Lotusflow3r is awesome! He’s like channeling Prince circa 1982 plus Jimi Hendrix! Songs like Dreamer, Colonized Mind, and Chocolate Box are some of the best music Prince has ever made. Of course, take this statement with a grain of salt; I mean, any new Prince album is like the movie Rashomon; people expect so much and have so many types of Prince songs/periods they like that you’ll get equal amounts of people thinking a new song is amazing as there are people who think it’s crap, which is actually a testament to his artistic ability. The video for Chocolate Box really doesn’t do the song justice however…

Pitchfork gave 4.9 for Lotusflow3r and 5.7 for MPLSound but gave super-boring new Doom album a 8.0. I personally would have switched those scores around. Sample-based hip-hop is so played out and Doom sounds plain tired. Prince on the other hand sounds much invigorated and plays lots of awesome instrumental parts. Ah, kids today…

P.S. — The song “Elixer” actually is one of the naughtiest lyrics-wise Prince has ever made, I haven’t heard anyone mention that yet….


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