New York Times turns into HGTV, Bad Reporting


The New York Times article “When Skaters Grow Up” missed the biggest question in its reporting: how on Earth did a 26 year old interior designer and a 29 year old skateboard company worker in 2005 get the money to buy a million dollar house in Noe Valley, CA and pay for a $500,000 renovation? I mean, is the woman a super rockstar interior designer catering to the very richest in the Bay Area, and is the guy on par with Tony Hawk–I figure it would take a combined annual income of at least $350,000 to pay a mortgage and taxes on a million dollar Noe Valley house. Doesn’t sound like either of them were like Google millionaires or anything. Let me know, I’d like to be able to make that kind of money interior designing and/or skateboarding!

Unless of course they just inherited the money…which would beg the question…is that all it takes to get into the New York Times? Like, I inherited a million dollars, bought a house in SF, and like, lined the walls with Pez dispensers? Mysteries abound!!! Explain it all to me, please!

*UPDATE: Oh, wow, from the NY Times article: the renovation itself “cost just under $500,000.”*


2 Responses

  1. Pegataur played with Space Vacation. They’re good. They have a lot of dry ice and wear leather pants.

  2. Never heard of them. Does that mean I’m old? I still think dry ice is cool so I can’t be that old.

    My vote is at least some *cough* most *cough* came from inheritance?

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