Google is Breaking the Internet–Link Wrecking, Rerouting, Stealing in Google Search Result


Hi Google,
what is going wrong with your search engine these days? Nowadays when I do a search, perhaps for the first two links in your search results the URL is not for the actual site, but some weird Google URL rerouting. For example, I just did a search for Saturday Night Live, the green URL listing is for, but the actual hyperlink when you click on the link heading, or copy the link, is:

This is so inconvenient, Google! A lot of people copy the links to distribute etc…we want the real site links, not some weird Google rerouting! You’re breaking the Internet!

Come to think of it, when I login to Gmail, often the page gets stuck…have to reload a couple of times before Gmail finally opens…and this is happening when I click in links in Gmail too, they’re trying to open some google address, not the real link…and YouTube has been losing its sound for me on all videos every once in awhile…hmm.


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