Los Angeles Versus the Bay Area: Santa Monica, Pico Boulevard, Record Surplus, West LA Music

Ah, a lifelong question: LA versus SF/Berkeley/CA.

Well, let’s start out with LA: Pico Boulevard! Whoa! If you don’t know WLA, you’d better learn, Pico is the heart of WLA! Pico and Sawtelle, Pico and Westwood….McCabe’s Guitar, Record Surplus, Westside Pavillion, Apple Pan, Fox Studios, Rancho Park, SAMO High, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, fucking Sears, …the list goes on. Of course there’s the little Japanese Sawtelle area, Little Little Tokyo, with Giant Robot etc (R.I.P. Yamaguchis) right up from Pico, and below f’n Santa Monica Boulevard…

Santa Monica:



photos from Panorimo

Also in LA you can stop by some nice local theatre like the Nuart or some playhouse and see such a nice young lady and her dog (Sarah Silverman and Doug)
Or see this nice lady on Santa Monica Beach (Joni Mitchell)(well, maybe in the 70s):

Then there’s f’n Record Surplus and West LA Music (featured as a quick Cameo in High Fidelity–or was it some other movie? Oh yeah, ha ha, it was Judd Aptow’s/Seth Rogen’s Knocked Up!!! Word, I scored my first Magma, Flying Lizards, and Karate Moves, records there, way back when, just based on looking at the cover art…) and the Nuart


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