The Cure’s Fascination Street is Inspired By Kool and the Gang’s Fresh; Radiohead’s The National Anthem Inspired By the Cure’s Fascination Street

**UPDATE** See the video which demonstrates how The Cure’s “Fascination Street” is based on Kool & The Gang’s “Fresh” in this post: The Cure’s “Fascination Street” is Based on Kool & The Gang’s “Fresh,” and The Dazz Band’s “Let it Whip” is Based on The Sweet’s “Love is Like Oxygen” (See the videos!)

Kool and the Gang–Fresh. Check out the bassline, some of the changes, the guitar, etc. Then check out The Cure’s Fascination Street…definitely inspired by Kool and the Gang’s Fresh!

Cure–Fascination Street

For those of you doubting this, here’s a less controversial one: did you ever listen to The Cure’s Hot Hot Hot ( and then Chic’s Good Times ( The bassline, guitars, and drums are very similar; i.e. the songs are very similar. The Cure liked to make their own version of disco/funk songs. there’s nothing wrong with that, musicians like to make their own versions of hit songs, it’s just what they do.

I always thought the bassline of Radiohead’s The National Anthem was kind of in a similar vein to the Fascination Street bassline, but just in terms of mechanics, not the melodic component. Kind of sounds like Can too.

Here’s a cover of Joy Division’s Ceremony by Radiohead..


Here’s an original Radiohead song I think is really good

Radiohead–Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

Radiohead’s Scotch Mist live DVD is amazing!


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