Animal Hospital–Live on WNUR; Dosh–Live on WNUR

animal hospital 2
Animal Hospital–just heard Animal Hospital – “Live on WNUR 5/28/09”. OMG it’s like the best thing I’ve heard in years. Parts were like, as good as Sonic Youth Daydream Nation. WOW!!! Apparently it’s one guy, Kevin Micka…playing everything by himself with looping, including drums, guitar, keyboards, effects. Apparently he’s playing some shows again soon, I’m definitely going to see a show… Here’s his myspace: Animal Hospital

WHOA, Dosh – “Live on WNUR 5/28/08” is awesome also. Dosh is from Anticon–super good!!!! Here’s his Myspace. Jeepers!!! It’s also like all looped with electronics and live drums, great saxophone, Fender Rhodes, etc…wow!!!


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