Josef K–It’s Kind of Funny; Killing Joke–Love Like Blood

Josef K–It’s Kind of Funny. One of the best bands ever. Basically, Franz Ferdinand’s first album was a Josef K tribute, in a good way. Their scrapped first album (included on the Only Fun in Town CD (of which there are several versions, I like the first CD version better where the disc has black ink, the second version with gold disc ink was remixed too bright/trebly) is better than the LP they finally put out, but they’re both amazing! Sort of like–the Cure meets Gang of Four, Chic, Codeine, Talking Heads, the Smiths, Franz Ferdinand, and Sonic Youth?? BTW LTM Records you should re-release this CD for people who don’t have it (or are all the tracks on the Domino Records release?)

Killing Joke–Love Like Blood
Love Like Blood, from Killing Joke’s last really, really good album in the 1980s, the highly influential Nighttime. This is their ultra-poppy breakout 80’s hit. You’ve got to love that yellow shirt with the heart the guy in the crowd in the beginning is wearing; there weren’t ravers that early were there???

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