David Essex–Rock On: Crazy 1970s Minimalistic Psychadelic Funk Rock

David Essex–Rock On

Yo, what’s up with this song–David Essex. It’s crazy good–catchy, minimalistic, funky, psychadelic. It’s like a weird distillation of rock and roll without noticeable guitars or typical rock drums! It’s aggressive and full of rock swagger, with catchy rhyming lyrics almost like a precursor to rap or 90s/00s pop,yet super mellowly soulful and quietly funky at the same time. It’s clearly rock, classic rock, glam rock, but funk and soul too. I think JDilla samples it on Jay Stay Paid, I’ll have to check it out to make sure. But it sure sounds futuristic and hip hop worthy, maybe the best mixture of rock and soul and funk ever, as it’s so pure and distilled/minimalistic and futuristic for 1973. I hear Def Leppard covered it later, it’s an obvious influence for their rhyming, catchy lyrics on songs like “Rock of Ages.” Though obviously “Rock On” is way, way, way, way, way, way, way better, without all the cheese.

Def Leppard–Rock of Ages


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