Neil Young does New Wave Vocoder Postpunk Circa 1982–Sample and Hold (live, Berlin 1982); Neil Young and Devo–Human Highway

Neil Young–Sample and Hold (live, Berlin 1982)
Awesome! From the album Trans from 1982. Way before the band Trans Am from the 1990s, Neil Young in 1982 busted out the vocoders and made Styx-Roboto-like new wave postpunk music with guitars, drums, bass, and vocoders!!! He was friends with Devo in the late 70s/1980s, I wonder if any of that influenced his robotic excursions on his “Trans” album.” Viva la 80s!!!

Here’s a trailer of the film “Human Highway” starring Neil Young and Devo!!!

Human Highway Trailer (Neil Young and Devo)


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  1. Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201!!

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