The Pixies and the Cure vis-a-vis Wire

Wire–the 15th

Could someone remind me what Pixies song (possibly off of Bossanova) sounds much like Wire’s amazingly good song “the 15th”??? Maybe the Bossanova album as a whole…here’s the Pixies song Veloria, which sounds in a similar vein:

Pixies–My Veloria

Also, here is an old song that sounds coincidentally like a Bossanova-era Pixies songs, maybe mostly just the vocal effects and the chorus, and minus the more heavy-metal riffs…

Bad Brains–Sacred Love

And of course, the Cure knicked the riff from the intro and choruses of Wire’s “Ex Lion Tamer” for “Just Like Heaven”:

Of course, you must see this:
The Cure’s “Fascination Street” is Based on Kool & The Gang’s “Fresh,” and The Dazz Band’s “Let it Whip” is Based on The Sweet’s “Love is Like Oxygen” (See the videos!)


2 Responses

  1. god !

    Hello, thanks for the analysis ! It’s realy Just like heaven….

    Robert smith has already told that he likes Wire…

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