Please, fix Internet Explorer: Google Chrome Frame, SVGWeb, and Firefox

Internet Explorer forever has caused web programmers huge problems, being one of the least, if not the least standards compliant browsers available, and hard to work with and behind the curve compared with other browsers like Firefox. For example, IE doesn’t support SVG graphics programming. So some engineer(s) have created SVG Web, which uses lets you use SVG scripting then uses Flash to enable SVG in IE. However, that only solves one part of the problem, using SVG in IE–but even once you get SVG working in IE, you’re still stuck with all the flaws of IE and the problems of cross-browser scripting that are exacerbated by IE’s flaws!

So, programmers at Google, who ran into many problems and wasted a lot of time trying to get Google Wave to work with IE, basically said screw it, and made a plugin for IE, Google Chrome Frame…that basically runs the Google Chrome browser in IE! So, basically, instead of having to deal with all of IE’s flaws, web programmers can just prompt IE users to install Chrome Frame! I’m all for this, as instead of having to use SVG Web and still deal with IE’s quirks and flaws when doing SVG scripting, you can instead just require users to install Chrome Frame. Sure, there are arguments about users having to install something to use a webpage, but that’s often the case with Flash, and, if it causes Microsoft to wake up and make IE more standards compliant, that would be great.


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  1. Before praising Google too much for bringing standardized SVG to IE, let’s keep in mind that their implementation of SVG is crippled at best. Specifically, at this point Chrome doesn’t implement the tag that allows code modularity.

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