Caprica–good so far!

So there’s the new Battlestar Galactica prequel on the Syfy Channel (and you can watch it on Hulu too). Two episode’s in, I think it’s quite good! The first 10 minutes of the pilot are kind of sketchy, inside of that weird club, I thought “Oh no,” it was cheesy like the rave scenes in the Matrix. But luckily that cheesiness was an aberration, and the rest of the show has been very interesting! It does a good job of exploring a lot of the ideas from Battlestar Galactica in a totally new context–it’s not am outerspace spaceship spacewar show ala Star Wars and BSG, it’s a planetary scifi drama–in fact it’s sort of like Blade Runner meets Mad Men meets the Sopranos, if that makes any sense. Hope it keeps going strong…


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  1. Okay I changed my mind…Caprica was taking too long…took like 9 episodes to do what would have happened in 2 BSG episodes…and Adama’s daughter was too much like NEO in the Matrix (she can do whatever she wants in that virutal world). Get your act together Caprica writers!!!

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