Computer Recording with Rat and Metal Zone Pedals, Guitar: No Amp Simulator Needed

So I have a Rat pedal and a Metal Zone pedal for guitar. When I have recorded into my laptop computer in the past, neither pedal alone sounded too good. Especially the Metal Zone–it sounds too tinny and not warm going right into my M-Audio Transit USB audio interface. However, yesterday I tried something new. I plugged my Metal Zone pedal into my Rat pedal, then into the M-Audio Transit USB. Oddly enough, even with the Rat pedal turned off, my guitar through the Metal Zone pedal sounded way better, with more bass, fuller, and warmer. Does anyone know why on earth this would happen? My guitar sounds way better through the Metal Zone going through the Rat pedal than just going through the Metal Zone, even when the Rat is turned off, why is this??? I had been thinking about getting amp and room ambiance simulating programs to make my guitar sound more natural and warm, but maybe I don’t need to if putting the signal through a turned-off Rat pedal does the trick for me! I think the Rat was powered by an AC plug, not a battery, don’t know if that would make any difference–but maybe it wasn’t even plugged in. I’ll test this later…


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  1. Now I know why I spent two years learning to play the acoustic and electric guitar. lol

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