Metallica Copied/Were Inspired for the Intro of Sanitarium from The Yes Song Roundabout

The intros to Metallica’s Sanitarium and Yes’ Roundabout are so nearly identical you can listen to them both at the same time via YouTubeDoubler.

Also, here are the two separate videos on YouTube:

Metallica: Sanitarium

Yes: Roundabout

Now you know where Metallica got some of their great chops inspiration from, 70s prog rock like Yes and the Metallicavishnu Orchstra!

Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire

Also see: Metallica Copied/Influenced By Christian Death’s song “First Communion” for “Battery” on Master of Puppets; Neurosis–Souls at Zero


Metallica Copied/Influenced By Christian Death’s song “First Communion” for “Battery” on Master of Puppets; Neurosis–Souls at Zero

Christian Death: Cavity–First Communion

Metallica: Battery

So Metallica totally copied (or were heavily influenced by, I think) the musical progression in the chorus and main verse of Christian Death’s song “Cavity–First Communion” off of Christian Death’s amazing “Only Theatre of Pain” album (1984) for the intro of Metallica’s song “Battery” off of their equally amazing “Master of Puppets” album (1986)…it’s like they took the progression and made it acoustic, with a few more frills…Also, the intro to Metallica’s One off of And Justice for All and Metallica’s Sanitarium, also on Master of Puppets, both echo the intro to Chrisitian Death’s Mysterium Inquitatis, also on Only Theatre of Pain, sonically…and the very beginning guitar on Sanitarium of course is nearly identical to the intro guitar of Yes’ Rounadbout, you can listen to them both at the same time, I compared them on YouTubeDoubler.

Christian Death: Mysterium Inquitatis

Metallica: One

Metallica: Sanitarium


Neurosis: Souls at Zero.

So I just listened to Neurosis’ Souls at Zero album for the first time in years…and it’s really, really good! It’s kind of like a mix between heavy metal like Black Sabbath and Metallica mixed with indie/experimental/postpunk like Joy Division, Drive Like Jehu, Live Skull, Sonic Youth, Killing Joke, King Crimson, and Voivod, along with ambient and folk touches (trumpets! cellos!). Experimental and prog metal has become much more prominent these days, and Neurosis are sort of like the godfathers of the whole modern experimental metal scene, way ahead of their time. Some of this sounds actually like the great Christian Death record “Only Theatre of Pain” which is a touchstone for many indie/postpunk/metal bands in their sound, mixed with Voivod and Black Sabbath.

Above is one of their really good songs, “Souls at Zero”…which even samples tie fighters!!! How cool is that! This song especially sounds like Christian Death’s Cavity–First Communion…which was copied by Metallica on the first song on Master of Puppets for the intro to the song Battery!!! Even lots of Sonic Youth and Drive Like Jehu reflect a huge influence of Christian Death’s amazing Only Theatre of Pain album…like Death Ride 69 and Step On Chameleon (that whole blood! part, the yelling, the harmonics, the octave chords, etc)…

Drive Like Jehu covered by…The Deftones????

I am a huge Drive Like Jehu fan…surprisingly, the Deftones (I always think of them as some nu-metal band I wouldn’t like) have come out with what I think is a pretty good cover of the Drive Like Jehu song Caress!!! I mean, I wish Rick Froberg and John Reis would rock out like this still! Part of the key is, they never, ever had another band with a drummer as colossally good as Mark Trombino…

“Daimonic” as a Literary Term

This is interesting, I didn’t know this. From the Wikipedia entry for “Daimonic” : “As a literary term, it can also mean the unrest that exists in us all that forces us into the unknown, leading to self-destruction and/or self-discovery.”

Reminds me of, to use a modern-day hero saga example, when Luke Skywalker had to enter that tree on Dagobah and encounter himself/the dark side in himself, and his unrest in the original Stars Wars trilogy that makes him impatient and cut his Jedi training short, leaving him vulnerable to the dark side, etc…

“The journey from innocence to experience is not an idea that originated with this term; rather the Hero’s Journey is a topic older than literature itself. But the “daimonic” subsequently became a focus of the English Romantic movement in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In the diagram below, we see the common threads of the daimonic notion. Typically, the daimonic tale centers around the Solitary, the central character of the story, who usually is introduced in innocence, wealth, and often arrogance. But under the masks of control and order lies a corruption and unconscious desire towards disintegration. Some event, either external or internal, leads the character towards some type of isolation where he is forced to confront his daimons.

The fall, or the descent, (from hubris) into the liminal world where light and dark meet is usually very dramatic and often torturing for the hero and the audience alike, and comes in myriad forms. In the depths, in hitting bottom, he ultimately discovers his own fate and tragedy (catharsis), and in a final climax is either broken or driven towards rebirth and self-knowledge. The glory of the daimonic is in the humble resurrection, though it claims more than it sets free, as many a foolish men are drawn into its vacuum never to return. As Stefan Zweig writes, the hero is unique for “he becomes the daimon’s master instead of the daimon’s thrall”.

The daimonic has always been, and continues to be, a great source of creativity, inspiration, and fascination in all forms of art.”

The Art of Rick Fork–Headhunter Records ads, Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt, etc

In the 1990s San Diego was a happening place for a few indie, punk, and postpunk bands, some of the most notable were Drive Like Jehu, Rocket From the Crypt, and Pitchfork.  Many were on a label Headhunter Records. Singer/guitarist/artist Rick Fork/Rick Froberg/Rick Farr did the art for a lot of these bands and Headhunter Records ads.  Here are some scans of some of the art he did for Headhunter Records including ads for Drive Like Jehu and Rocket from the Crypt. Some of the scans were contributed by Paul Stanley and Jeffrey from the Swami Records forum. ..

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