Metallica Copied/Influenced By Christian Death’s song “First Communion” for “Battery” on Master of Puppets; Neurosis–Souls at Zero

Christian Death: Cavity–First Communion

Metallica: Battery

So Metallica totally copied (or were heavily influenced by, I think) the musical progression in the chorus and main verse of Christian Death’s song “Cavity–First Communion” off of Christian Death’s amazing “Only Theatre of Pain” album (1984) for the intro of Metallica’s song “Battery” off of their equally amazing “Master of Puppets” album (1986)…it’s like they took the progression and made it acoustic, with a few more frills…Also, the intro to Metallica’s One off of And Justice for All and Metallica’s Sanitarium, also on Master of Puppets, both echo the intro to Chrisitian Death’s Mysterium Inquitatis, also on Only Theatre of Pain, sonically…and the very beginning guitar on Sanitarium of course is nearly identical to the intro guitar of Yes’ Rounadbout, you can listen to them both at the same time, I compared them on YouTubeDoubler.

Christian Death: Mysterium Inquitatis

Metallica: One

Metallica: Sanitarium


Neurosis: Souls at Zero.

So I just listened to Neurosis’ Souls at Zero album for the first time in years…and it’s really, really good! It’s kind of like a mix between heavy metal like Black Sabbath and Metallica mixed with indie/experimental/postpunk like Joy Division, Drive Like Jehu, Live Skull, Sonic Youth, Killing Joke, King Crimson, and Voivod, along with ambient and folk touches (trumpets! cellos!). Experimental and prog metal has become much more prominent these days, and Neurosis are sort of like the godfathers of the whole modern experimental metal scene, way ahead of their time. Some of this sounds actually like the great Christian Death record “Only Theatre of Pain” which is a touchstone for many indie/postpunk/metal bands in their sound, mixed with Voivod and Black Sabbath.

Above is one of their really good songs, “Souls at Zero”…which even samples tie fighters!!! How cool is that! This song especially sounds like Christian Death’s Cavity–First Communion…which was copied by Metallica on the first song on Master of Puppets for the intro to the song Battery!!! Even lots of Sonic Youth and Drive Like Jehu reflect a huge influence of Christian Death’s amazing Only Theatre of Pain album…like Death Ride 69 and Step On Chameleon (that whole blood! part, the yelling, the harmonics, the octave chords, etc)…


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