Big Lebowski Based in Part on Brian De Palma’s Body Double

So I was watching the Big Lebowski (one of the best movies ever made), and realized the central plot twist is based entirely on Body Double by Brian De Palma! The dude lays it out: “So you needed a sap to pin it on,” which is the plot twist of Body Double–including the “ringer for a ringer” part–both movies star a loser that a rich person picks for their loser qualities and sets up to witness/be part of a crime story where a wife is also set up/used as a pawn so that the husband can get money!!! In Body Double the patsy is a loser actor while in Big Lebowski it’s the Dude. Of course this is all by way of Hitchcock, but there’s a further Body Double nod in that both movies prominently feature Los Angeles Lautner houses (the circular Chemosphere House in BD and the Malibu mansion the Sheats Goldstein House in BL), both designed by the architect John Lautner!!!

Also, I will post about this later: the pawn shop basement assault scene in Pulp Fiction is entirely based on the army surplus store basement scene in the movie Falling Down!

Also see: Similarities Between David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Brian DePalma’s Body Double, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo


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