Daft Punk Copied Their Helmets From 1970s Motown Artist Mandre!!!

So we all know what the Daft Punk helmets look like…turns out they are from the first and second album by 70’s Motown disco/electro/funk artist Mandre, look at these album covers (and we know how much Daft Punk samples obscure 70s disco/electro/funk like Breakwater)! Notice on the first album how there’s that band of black across the silver helmet caused by shadowing, which looks similar to the protruding black visor on that one Daft Punk helmet, the silver with black banding, and the other is just the same too, a large black panel on that gold helmet, just minus those two pointed spikes…Notice the first Mandre robot is in a tuxedo, check the Daft Punk robots in suits below…

Mandre-Solar Flight



3 Responses

  1. I would rather say they found their inspiration in the art book of Syd Mead who in fact was also involved in production of Tron as they were. See the links below:


    But anyway thanks for the post! I haven’t heard of Mandre before. Cheers!

    • It’s me again ;]. Today I have accidentally come across a movie from the 50’s. – The Day The Earth Stood Still. There is this robot form outer space here – Gort. Surprisingly his head looks almost the same as DP’s silver helmet including the laser thing on a band of black. See the link as a proof:

  2. ok just becuse it resembles diffrent thinds dosent mean they copied it i doubt they even disighned the suits i know they have there owncompany that makes the jackete and helmets ect. forthem so no there not thevies at all

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