Food Deserts, and the documentary “Unnatural Causes…is inequality making us sick?”

An unfortunate cycle: some people get to live in neighborhoods with health food stores, Whole Foods, Trader Joes. People living in lower income neighborhoods might live in neighborhoods where there are no supermarkets at all, only fast food restaurants and liquor stores…increasing the likelihood of poor nutrition and diets, hypertension, diabetes, which may negatively affect educational and job performance and prospects, social mobility, etc. The concept is called Food Deserts:

Residents do without in America’s ‘food deserts’

Wikipedia: Food Deserts

Bread & booze; For too many Chicagoans the nearest grocer is a liquor store

What are any solutions? Changing zoning laws, tax incentives for grocery stores to move in to lower income areas, better public transportation? Reinstatement of home economic classes to teach about nutrition, higher sin taxes on fast food and liquor?

Also see the documentary as aired on PBS: Unnatural Causes …is inequality making us sick?


The Rich Man’s Michael Moore

The Rich Man’s Michael Moore

Nice WSJ article, some films I definitely want to watch:

“Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, used to be an accepted member of the New York elite, with a trust fund, a top education and loads of old-money friends. Now, thanks to his film career, he’s not as welcome.”

“Mr. Johnson insists he’s not opposed to wealth — including his own. Wealth, he says, has given him a great education, freedom, chances to travel and, best of all, the resources to do films about wealth. He says that while his documentaries are profitable, they wouldn’t pay for his lifestyle.


Yet with “The One Percent,” Mr. Johnson wanted to show how the rich have gone too far. Through interviews with economists, policy experts and environmentalists, Mr. Johnson argues that today’s wealthy have become an increasingly isolated elite. He says rather than using their wealth for good, they have used it to restructure the economy, lower their taxes, cut social programs for the middle and lower classes, and amass ever more wealth.”