FiestaRed’s review of the Wrestler

Man I have seen some good movies lately for example:  Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt, Milk, Gran Torino and the Wrestler.

The Wrestler is freakin awesome.  An ace character study.  Plus any child of the ’80’s remembers wrestling whether they were into it or not.  Yeah like spending the night when you’re ten years old and watching Saturday Night Main event and watching and thinking “that’s so fake” when Big Jim Doogan (or some such) hitting some guy with a 2×4.  But in the 80’s it was rock and roll and this was touched upon in a way in the film.  And you will take an affinity for these guys with their comraderie and brotherhood.

Anyway this guy was a top guy in the late 80’s ala Million Dollar Man, Macho Man Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan etc.. and now lives in a trailer in depressing New Jersey and can’t afford rent.  It’s hard to see what these guys do to themselves (imagine staple guns) but they do it for the crowd like any rock star so it kind of makes sense.  And although orchestrated – there is an athletism to be admired. 

My favorite scene is where he plays Nintendo (yeah the 8-bit NES) wrestling game with some neighborhood kid because he is one of the licensed wrestlers in the game.  It reminds me of the wrestling game I had (Wrestlemania I think) which was fun but painfully outdated by today’s standards.  So anyway they flash to his trailer and his Nintendo – but since it was kindof “his” game it makes sense.

So how does a guy who starred at Madison Square Garden in 1989 end up in a trailer.  Well, that’s not really touched upon but I’m sure we can all come to our conclusions.  Regardless, he is painted as a fan of ’80’s pop metal and a theme introduced is that wrestling had a very similar popularity in that decade that faltered in the ’90’s due to Nirvana etc..  So now he lives in a trailer.  I’m not saying Kurt Cobain is directly responsible for this guy living in a trailer, but you know…..

Regardless, it’s worth seeing.


The Rich Man’s Michael Moore

The Rich Man’s Michael Moore

Nice WSJ article, some films I definitely want to watch:

“Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, used to be an accepted member of the New York elite, with a trust fund, a top education and loads of old-money friends. Now, thanks to his film career, he’s not as welcome.”

“Mr. Johnson insists he’s not opposed to wealth — including his own. Wealth, he says, has given him a great education, freedom, chances to travel and, best of all, the resources to do films about wealth. He says that while his documentaries are profitable, they wouldn’t pay for his lifestyle.


Yet with “The One Percent,” Mr. Johnson wanted to show how the rich have gone too far. Through interviews with economists, policy experts and environmentalists, Mr. Johnson argues that today’s wealthy have become an increasingly isolated elite. He says rather than using their wealth for good, they have used it to restructure the economy, lower their taxes, cut social programs for the middle and lower classes, and amass ever more wealth.”