Gravity’s Rainbow–Thomas Pynchon


I’m finally getting around to read this–it’s great. Tried reading it when I was younger, didn’t get too far back then.

NP: Passport–Horizon Beyond, Soft Machine–Esther’s Nose Job, Colosseum II-Desperado (featuring Gary Moore), via Kazumi Watanabe similar artists on


World History Timeline Posters


I’m really interested in these world history timeline posters. There seem to be several out in the marketplace, the one pictured above is published by Oxford Cartographers and you can buy it from Schofield & Sims. There are more ambitious ones that such as the “World History Timeline” poster published by “Scientific Timeline Productions” which proclaims to be a timeline of “evolution, culture, and knowledge,” it looks pretty cool! Wish I had one as a kid! I’ll have to figure out which one(s) to get…


More! Here’s a “World History Chart” by Andreas Nothiger….large_chart1

Also very great, illustrative and compact is this Word History Minipedia by Parragon Press, the 2005 version…