The 10 best Beatles tracks

Since Mr. Trickle Down has kindly mentioned The Beatles in recent posts, I figured that now was the time to share my list:

1. A Day in the Life

Pure brilliance. Psych bliss.

2. We Can Work It Out

Packs an amazing amount of ideas into a short song. A very manic depressive verse/chorus/verse. Lennon’s vocals are especially cool.

3. Paperback Writer

Very catchy with a great main riff

4. Tomorrow Never Knows

Refer to Mr. Trickle Down

5. Help!

Doom pop

6. Day Tripper

Lennon and McCartney sing about drugs or girls that don’t put out, or both. Great riffs.

7. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Wonderfully intricate.

8. Eleanor Rigby

Doom pop again

9. Rain

Beautifully stoned track with a cool video.

10. Hold Me Tight

So Paul missed a few notes…who cares! This is so damn catchy.

Mr. Trickle Down and FiestaRed – let’s see your lists!


Want to make the world a better place? Steal more music!

Bob Lefsetz continues to speak the truth:

“If you’re arguing against theft, if you’re arguing for higher prices, you’re showing your ignorance, you’re shilling for the man. Please open your eyes to the overall game. The distribution lines must be redrawn, for the benefit of artists and society. Don’t let the usual suspects tell you otherwise. They’re just afraid of the future. Which will benefit them too, if they’re willing to hunker down and compete, just like everybody else.”

The key to everything

Yes, I’m always the last person to figure these things out, but just in case you didn’t know, here is the secret for all you obsessive (and cheap) music collectors:


and yes, I still buy CDs.

Sesame Street Grindcore

There are some pretty sweet Sesame Street/Muppets death metal mashups floating around. Enjoy!

Ululate – Super Awesome Chinese Black Metal

I lived in China for almost 5 years. I saw lots of bands: some decent, lots mediocre, and a few amazing. But of the amazing, one stood out from the rest….the mighty ULULATE. I was at the show below, and it rocked unbelievably hard. Crank up your computer speakers and fire up this video!

Ben’s sick day links

Doug shmoozing 

If I’m going to be home with the flu, I might as well post some interesting links.  And BTW, all hail our new contributor FiestaRed…let’s hear more!

1- If you’re afraid of the big bad record companies prosecuting you (read this article about Doug Morris if you really don’t realize how out of touch the big labels are), there are many other options for ‘sampling’ new music. 

 Since I am a metalhead, I recommend you check out these blogs (you might need to brush up on your Spanish):

InfiernoMetal    Classic Extreme Metal    TheBlackHorde 

2- Go see Van Halen (with David Lee Roth)!  Lefsetz Letter has the best review yet

3- Read the true story of the Merzbow Car!

Patenting Legal Advice and Tax Strategies

Oh boy that’s going way too far.  I’m no ultra-radical but this is a huge example of the dangers of intellectual property law abuse…the policies of the USPTO and Copyright Office will need to be reassessed and refined, if not reigned in/refocused/restructured in many ways…