Drive Like Jehu covered by…The Deftones????

I am a huge Drive Like Jehu fan…surprisingly, the Deftones (I always think of them as some nu-metal band I wouldn’t like) have come out with what I think is a pretty good cover of the Drive Like Jehu song Caress!!! I mean, I wish Rick Froberg and John Reis would rock out like this still! Part of the key is, they never, ever had another band with a drummer as colossally good as Mark Trombino…


The 10 best Beatles tracks

Since Mr. Trickle Down has kindly mentioned The Beatles in recent posts, I figured that now was the time to share my list:

1. A Day in the Life

Pure brilliance. Psych bliss.

2. We Can Work It Out

Packs an amazing amount of ideas into a short song. A very manic depressive verse/chorus/verse. Lennon’s vocals are especially cool.

3. Paperback Writer

Very catchy with a great main riff

4. Tomorrow Never Knows

Refer to Mr. Trickle Down

5. Help!

Doom pop

6. Day Tripper

Lennon and McCartney sing about drugs or girls that don’t put out, or both. Great riffs.

7. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Wonderfully intricate.

8. Eleanor Rigby

Doom pop again

9. Rain

Beautifully stoned track with a cool video.

10. Hold Me Tight

So Paul missed a few notes…who cares! This is so damn catchy.

Mr. Trickle Down and FiestaRed – let’s see your lists!

Drive Like Jehu–Hand Over Fist, Don Caballero–Slice Where You Live Like Pie, Germbox–Frankie Mayorga live videos!

Here are some more videos I posted on YouTube: 90s post-punk prog-rock goodness! Also see the Fucking Champs/C4AM95 video I posted above–Flawless Victory!

You should get Germbox’s Fraction of Exaggeration CD if you don’t have it–it’s amazing, sort of like Voivod’s Nothingface meets the Bastro and the Jesus Lizard and Drive Like Jehu.

Drive Like Jehu – Hand Over Fist – Al’s Bar

Don Caballero – Slice Where You Live Like Pie-Fireside Bowl

Germbox -Frankie Mayorga and unreleased intro

High Speed Dubbin–Prog Metal from Santa Rosa, CA

high-speed-dubbin-flier-small-small.jpgHere it is, I found this flier of the band High Speed Dubbin. Here’s the text:

“Averaging 21 years old in age, this Santa Rosa quintet’s hyper metal alternative rock are sonic assaults heavily influenced by the splendor of the cannabis revolution.

Their influences vary and cover bands like King Crimson, Rush, Bad Brains, Tool, and Primus. Chris Justin plays a five string lefty bass, Matt Hardwick, half Hawaiian and half Mascalero Apache, plays drums, Eric Carlson is the musical guitar prodigy and Eric Rosenbaum, a body piercer and tattooist, leads the attack with his throaty vocals. Their full length debut album is due for release in July with the band doing promotional touring in May and June, so watch for their show dates in your local paper. Look for their songs on the soon to be released St. Kilda compilation, Patron Saint of Pariahs.

1996 St. Kilda Records”

Looks like a Rob Hazelton exeutive produced the compilation, which didn’t have any High Speed Dubbin songs.
Okay, if you were in the band or are someone who knows anyone from the band, please leave a comment/e-mail me! I saw a great show they played at a co-op, Casa Zimbabwe, and heard a tape of a King Crimson cover they did, it was all very good!

Here’s a larger copy to preserve for posterity:


Meshuggah – Obzen, Combustion and Voivod

Obzen–the soundtrack to floating abandoned in space (“Forgotten in Space”) , or the soundtrack to the construction of the Death Star. Like Voivod’s Nothingface on steroids. Seemingly impossibly, it’s like the best parts of Voivod, Fucking Champs, Tool, King Crimson, Godflesh, etc. Possibly the most sci-fi thing I’ve ever heard. This is heavy metal/prog metal…but the secret is that with all of the crazy polyrhythms, this is really dance music…

Meshuggah – Combustion (Couldn’t find a real video, this is a fan-play along, but is still great)

Meshuggah – Rational Gaze

Meshuggah guitarist and other drummer–medley

Their new album Obzen is very good. Some parts are as compelling to me as Voivod’s Nothingface. They’ve got lots more winding technical riffs than on some of their other stuff, as if they’ve taken in lots of Fucking Champs and Red and Larks Tongue era King Crimson and Voivod. The bass and incredible tight double bass-filled drumming especially remind me of a lot of the drumming in Voivod’s Nothingface album, as well as some of the discordant riffs, along with some Dimension Hatross, Killing Technology-like parts. Some of it is even like Voivod’s Phobos album.

Can’t wait to see Meshuggah on tour!

And yes, Voivod rule (for their seminal prog-metal/math-metal trilogy Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross, and Nothingface, as well as the 17-minute long prog opus “Jack Luminous”!!!

Obzen review, Decibel Magazine:

““This Spiteful Snake” doesn’t only nod to the stage name of Voivod’s frontman, but perhaps unsurprisingly recalls the Canadian legends as well, beginning as a perfect mid-point between Dimension Hätross and Nothingface, before slamming on the bass-brakes, to the point where you’re reminded more of Swans or Neurosis than anything within thrash metal’s legacy. “Pineal Optic Glands” continues the Voivod space-thrash mood, before “Pravus” explodes to bring this particular phase of the album to an end.”

To counterbalance all this harsh music you might want to listen to some oldies music!

He Likes Voivod Nothingface as Much as We Do (and Slint does)

Clank the Robot plays many Voivod Nothingface songs perfectly…

Here’s some of his tab!


I’m a huge fan of Voivod, and the Fucking Champs, and Don Caballero…but none of them match this guitar work (Last Crack – Blood Brothers)!!! The highest pinnacle of complicated technical metal ever. Last Crack 4-Eva!!! There are some great tunes on both Last Crack albums…way underrated!!!

People, more pick squeals please!!!

Also, see and hear the amazing Last Crack – Burning Time album here!!!

I’ll post links to Wicked Sandbox, Precious Human Stress and Love Craig soon…I’m convinced they are parallel universe-ly related to Drive Like Jehu’s Caress and Sinews (riffs mirror those from Wicked Sandbox and Precious Human Stress) and Luau (riffs mirror those of Love Craig), must be some parallel-universe musical coincidence that makes sense only to me…although I WAS RIGHT ABOUT SLINT’S SPIDERLAND AND VOIVOD NOTHINGFACE (see Dave Pajo playing with Slint live, wearing a Voivod shirt below)