Six Finger Satellite’s Influence on Daft Punk’s Homework?

Six Finger Satellite–Rabies (Baby’s Got the)

Six Finger Satellite’s 1995 album “Severe Exposure,” specifically the song “Rabies (Baby’s Got the)” may have influenced Daft Punk’s 1996 single Da Funk, which is also featured on their  Homework album from 1997.  How you may ask?  Check out the keyboard stabs in Da Funk–conceptually similar to this arpeggiated keyboard part/stab in Rabies–then especially, check out that high pitched keyboard sound in Rabies–the notes played are similar to that main winding keyboard riff in Da Funk, it’s just that the riff in Da Funk has a little more frills.  And notice how the keyboard sound in the first few seconds of Rabies (also used to echo the main bassline periodically after :50 seconds in the song) sounds alot like the keyboard sound used for the main melody/winding keyboard part of Da Funk and a sound used alot on Daft Punk’s Human After All album.  I’m not saying these parts sound exactly the same, but that both feature conceptually similar keyboard stabs and winding synth parts with very similar notes.  They also both feature steady beats–a little more rock in Rabies,  still dancey/disco-ish,  and a little bit more straightforward dance/funk in Da Funk.

Daft Punk obviously listened to lots of weird 70s music, disco, electronic, experimental music (see all the music they sampled for Discovery and Human After All and the songs they picked for their Electroma movie), and I would not be surprised if they may have heard about this weird American band Six Finger Satellite that was making weird 70s-ish punk-electronic hybrid punk dance music in 1995 through friends, the press, or college radio, and having eclectic experimental tastes, may have picked up the album and been impressed with Rabies, which may have consciously or subconsciously influenced Da Funk.  What do you think?  On first listen, you may think, “These sound nothing alike.”  But keep your ear open for the conceptual similarities of the keyboard stabs, and the conceptual similarity of the notes of the main winding keyboard parts/main melody and the steady drum beats–conceptually they’re pretty similar in structure and intent.  Interestingly, the soundman for Six Finger Satellite, James Murphy, would go on to start LCD Soundsystem, and would end up making a song “Daft Punk is Playing at My House,” so you can see that there are definitely some conceptual and music shared roots there.

Daft Punk–Da Funk


Daft Punk Copied Their Helmets From 1970s Motown Artist Mandre!!!

So we all know what the Daft Punk helmets look like…turns out they are from the first and second album by 70’s Motown disco/electro/funk artist Mandre, look at these album covers (and we know how much Daft Punk samples obscure 70s disco/electro/funk like Breakwater)! Notice on the first album how there’s that band of black across the silver helmet caused by shadowing, which looks similar to the protruding black visor on that one Daft Punk helmet, the silver with black banding, and the other is just the same too, a large black panel on that gold helmet, just minus those two pointed spikes…Notice the first Mandre robot is in a tuxedo, check the Daft Punk robots in suits below…

Mandre-Solar Flight


Robert Fripp and David Bowie: Blackout, Heroes

David Bowie–Blackout

Must have been a great time for music fans in the 70s and 80s when you could depend on Robert Fripp to show up playing guitar on not only King Crimson but Brian Eno and David Bowie albums. I think he should do the same now, hiring himself out to play those 70s Robert Fripp solos (that Slash sometimes kind of mimicked on Appetite) for bands like Daft Punk etc. And yes, Robert Fripp, you should start soloing like this again, and playing on other people’s pop records.

Awesome Italo Acid House–Fare Soldi – Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito; Bucketheads–The Bomb; and Electroliners–Loose Caboose

Sounding like a mix between Daft Punk, a Just Blaze vocal sample, and early 808 State, it’s Fare Soldi’s new track Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito from the ITALO SCHOOL compilation.

Via Asian Dan via Big Stereo

As a bonus, here’s The Bucketheads–The Bomb

Electroliners–Loose Caboose. 1995! Funny stuff!

New Metro Area Album in 2009/2010?

Metro Area–touches of classic disco and italo/prog-disco, classic 808 State (Utd State 90 era), some of the backing music from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Mr. Fingers, and Daft Punk (without vocals mostly)–they’re great, but the problem is, they had like one album in the 90s and that’s pretty much it. From their Twitter account (Environ Records): “metro area back in the lab, breaking for the weekend. 6:33 PM Apr 17th from web ” Now, I can only hope that means a new album in 2009/2010!

Metro Area–Soft Hoop

Metro Area–Strut

Metro Area–Miura

Photo credits

El Coco–Cocomotion

Disco for world peace…sounds like the awesome soundtrack to this one 1970s Galaxy Express 999 movie I have…also see the related 70s disco group Le Pamplemousse. It’s weird how the music industry works, this stuff is easily as good as Chic, Taste of Honey, etc, it’s weird how there’s always a media monopoly of just like two or three or ten bands in any one genre that you ever hear on the radio…payola probably.

El Coco-Cocomotion

Check out this 70s disco playlist on YouTube

Le Pamplemousse–Hot Disco Soul–Get Your Boom Boom Around the Room Room and Gimme What You Got

I can never believe how much good stuff keeps emerging from the 1970s…This kind of stuff just reminds me how much postpunk, indie, new wave and electronic music like the Talking Heads and Daft Punk and Duran Duran and Lindstrom and Prins Thomas comes out of early disco/funk, lots of hip hop too for that matter…

Le Pamplemousse–Get Your Boom Boom Around the Room Room

Le Pamplemousse–Gimme What You Got

Le Pamplemousse–Le Spank