Six Finger Satellite’s Influence on Daft Punk’s Homework?

Six Finger Satellite–Rabies (Baby’s Got the)

Six Finger Satellite’s 1995 album “Severe Exposure,” specifically the song “Rabies (Baby’s Got the)” may have influenced Daft Punk’s 1996 single Da Funk, which is also featured on their  Homework album from 1997.  How you may ask?  Check out the keyboard stabs in Da Funk–conceptually similar to this arpeggiated keyboard part/stab in Rabies–then especially, check out that high pitched keyboard sound in Rabies–the notes played are similar to that main winding keyboard riff in Da Funk, it’s just that the riff in Da Funk has a little more frills.  And notice how the keyboard sound in the first few seconds of Rabies (also used to echo the main bassline periodically after :50 seconds in the song) sounds alot like the keyboard sound used for the main melody/winding keyboard part of Da Funk and a sound used alot on Daft Punk’s Human After All album.  I’m not saying these parts sound exactly the same, but that both feature conceptually similar keyboard stabs and winding synth parts with very similar notes.  They also both feature steady beats–a little more rock in Rabies,  still dancey/disco-ish,  and a little bit more straightforward dance/funk in Da Funk.

Daft Punk obviously listened to lots of weird 70s music, disco, electronic, experimental music (see all the music they sampled for Discovery and Human After All and the songs they picked for their Electroma movie), and I would not be surprised if they may have heard about this weird American band Six Finger Satellite that was making weird 70s-ish punk-electronic hybrid punk dance music in 1995 through friends, the press, or college radio, and having eclectic experimental tastes, may have picked up the album and been impressed with Rabies, which may have consciously or subconsciously influenced Da Funk.  What do you think?  On first listen, you may think, “These sound nothing alike.”  But keep your ear open for the conceptual similarities of the keyboard stabs, and the conceptual similarity of the notes of the main winding keyboard parts/main melody and the steady drum beats–conceptually they’re pretty similar in structure and intent.  Interestingly, the soundman for Six Finger Satellite, James Murphy, would go on to start LCD Soundsystem, and would end up making a song “Daft Punk is Playing at My House,” so you can see that there are definitely some conceptual and music shared roots there.

Daft Punk–Da Funk


Doddodo: Japanese Electro/Noise Artist

Doddodo w/ Yoko Higashino (Baby-Q)

WOW. That’s some crazy Japanese electro/hip hop/noise rock. Kind of like some amazing leftover remnant from NY in the 1980s, like if Live Skull were into hip hop and electronics. Kind of like, if Sonic Youth’s Ciccone Youth were actually really good instead of mostly really, really bad.

So loud yet tuneful…possibly my current new favorite band. Some really good hip hop samples thrown in!

When’s the tour with Justice?

Doddodo–unknown track

Here’s a pretty awesome related band: Limited Express (Has Gone?)

Uh oh, this is ALL way more exciting than any music I have seen coming out of the US in years…it feels like music back from the late 1980s–around 1998 or so…

One of her albums, Sample Bitch Story, is available in MP3 form on Amazon.  I think the song Passenger (of Heart) samples Korn…why would I know that???

Thanks Momus!!!

Maze ft. Frankie Beverly – We Are One, Daft Punk – Something About Us

Frankie Beverly – We Are One. This song’s totally out of control. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone point out some nice atmospheric similarities between this and Daft Punk’s brilliant “Something About Us.”

Here’s Daft Punk’s Something About Us.

Here’s the album version of Maze’s We Are One.  Check out the similarities between the bass, drums, keyboards, and guitar.  Both amazing songs!!!

Best New New Wave Band Ever: Cut Copy…or Sebastien Tellier?

Ah…sort of like For Against meets Depeche Mode etc, this is great.

HOWEVER maybe the great Sebastien Tellier has edged out Cut Copy, which impressed me initially, but seem to lack a certain depth…maybe they sound too much like Depeche Mode? Sebastien Tellier in contrast is much more of a songwriter, has more depth, his sound is more polished, complex, and diverse, out of a pan-60s/70s/80s tradition…