Previously unreleased Drive Like Jehu song released!!! Not on any album/7″/official release!!!

Wow, check it out, in this Drive Like Jehu show from 1992 at the X-Ray Cafe in Portland, Oregon, starting at 30:00, there’s a TOTALLY UNRELEASED DRIVE LIKE JEHU SONG that I had never heard before and is not on any album, 7″, compilation, or any other live video I’ve ever seen.

Does anyone know the guys in this band, are there any other rare gems out there?     Totally awesome.  The only other unreleased piece of Jehu I’ve ever heard is the original? or an alternate intro for New Math–you know how it’s called “New Intro” on Yank Crime?  If you listen to the recording of the live Drive Like Jehu KXLU radio set, the intro to New Math is totally different than on Yank Crime and is totally awesome too…



o13–Time Wave Zero (Favorite new band, best record of 2013 so far)

o13–Time Wave Zero

Featuring Mark C from Live Skull, Stuart Argabright from Ike Yard, and Kent Heine from The Holy Ghost, o13 (formerly Outpost 13) has made the record of the year, actually of the past few years, with their new release Time Wave Zero.  It’s a sophisticated mix of new wave, no wave, krautrock, dub, electronic, and ambient music that sounds wholly original and inspired, invoking the present, past, and future (bridging the gaps from 1978 to 1985 to 2013 and beyond) in a totally unique way.

I’m tempted to say that only veteran experimental/underground musicians who never hit the big time and have been keeping the torch alive, making art and music in the background for the last few decades, could make a record that sounds as effortless and evocative as Time Wave Zero.   If pressed for comparisons I’d say this would fit in nicely with some Can, Philip Glass, Live Skull, Orb’s Orbus Terrarum, Suicide, Joy Division, Brian Eno, all in their prime!!!  It’s super-accomplished and stylized, the type of album that all fits together perfectly, evoking a number of moods and emotions that you just can’t get anywhere else.  It’s about time–an album this good and consistent hasn’t come out in many years, especially out of the indie/postpunk arena–maybe the last records this interesting were Battles’ Gloss Drop and Mirrored?

Spotify: o13 – Remote Purity Control

Desire Records: 013 (CD) (vinyl)

Newsflash: Desire Records is also re-releasing some Live Skull records on CD and vinyl, and they’re on Spotify too!  It’s about time, Live Skull is basically as good or usually better than Sonic Youth in their own inspired and unique way (only Sister and Daydream Nation are on par with the best Live Skull records) but many of their best records have never been released on CD until now (or soon, currently in preorder)!!!  A dedicated post on this monumental (I’m serious) news  soon!

The Jesus Lizard: Hits

I’d forgotten how many “hits” The Jesus Lizard have…wonder if I can get a copy of this DC show on DVD…

The Jesus Lizard–Then Comes Dudley Live 4-29-1991 Washington, DC

The Jesus Lizard–Killer McHann Live 4-29-1991 Washington, DC

The Jesus Lizard Bloody Mary Live 4-29-1991 Washington, DC

The Jesus Lizard Monkey Trick Live 4-29-1991 Washington, DC

The Jesus Lizard Mouth Breather live 4-29-1991 DC

This show is pretty good quality too!

The Jesus Lizard @ Starlight Ballroom 11/18/09 Dancing Naked Ladies

I hope they play more shows in 2010!!!

Big Black and Live Skull, 1986 CBGBs, amazing unseen live video!

Big Black–Kerosene, CBGBs 1986

Wow is all I can say. Big Black and Live Skull, great video and audio quality. Proof that God exists. Now, maybe I’ll get my hands on some more Live Skull and Drive Like Jehu videos. Who knew that such fantastic Live Skull footage exists? They’re like the most underrated band of all time, easily as good as Sonic Youth and Drive Like Jehu, and obviously a huge influence on both (their best and most accomplished albums, Brining Home the Bait and Cloud One came out way before Sonic Youth’s best, Sister and Daydream Nation). Check out their criminally unrereleased albums at the Xhol Desert blog, start with Brining Home the Bait and Cloud One. Truly amazing and legendary.

Stay tuned for more at


Also, Gitty, I’ll trade these DVDs, plus the Al’s Bar Drive Like Jehu DVD, for those two other Drive Like Jehu videos you have on DVD! My copy of the Al’s Bar show (it’s not Vancouver like yours said) is way better quality!

Live Skull–Fort Belvedere, CBGBs 1986

Big Black–The Pigeon Kill, CBGBs 1986

Live Skull–The Loved One, CBGBs 1986

The Stranglers–Do You Wanna–The Root of Every Jesus Lizard, Birthday Party, and Scratch Acid Song Ever Written

The Stranglers — Do You Wanna. This came out on the Stranglers’ Black and White album in 1978. Yes, that’s right, 1978. That’s two years before the first Birthday Party album (1980), Scratch Acid (1984), Jesus Lizard (1990). That’s one year before the first Joy Division album (1979).

Listen to the crazy Jesus Lizard bass line, the crazy Jesus Lizard guitar part, the crazy Jesus Lizard drum part, and the crazy singing. Except it’s the Stranglers and it’s 1978.

Steve Albini attests to early Stranglers adulation (the Stranglers even pop up in the Atomizer liner notes “Santiago Durango… Stranglers impersonation”)

What a great song!

They’re also underrated as a new wave band:

Stranglers–Bring on the Nubiles (released 1977).

Stranglers–European Female (released 1983)

Stranglers: Baroque Bordello (released 1979)

Stranglers: Shah Shah A-Go-Go/Ice (released 1979)

Savage Republic — So It is Written; 1938, New Album!

Nice stuff–somewhere in the intersection of Joy Division, the Swans, Sonic Youth, Live Skull, and Middle Eastern drone music. International cinematic music before that arguably needless term “post rock” came into vogue–where post rock usually just equals ambient and prog rock music.  Awesome.

And they came out with a new album, 1938! It’s awesome, check out this song 1938. I LOVE the guy playing the shakers; percussion is VERY important, it’s an integral part!!! The whole album is great, Monsoon is another great new song.

Savage Republic: 1938