Shiny Beast CD–Stop Looking at Us…We’re Waving Goodbye–best unreleased music/reissue from the 90s!

Shiny Beast…imagine a mix between Killing Technology-era Voivod and the Jesus Lizard with Germbox and Drive Like Jehu and mathier-Black Flag/Greg Ginn, you get the idea!  FINALLY they have a reissue compilation filled with unreleased tracks etc–37 tracks long!  The first 11 are from the Boner Records session and adds like 7 new, fantastic tracks from that era.  Also includes the Regraped split material–sounds like the remastered this or something, sounds way better than I remember the 12″ sounding–and a live show!  The guitarist David Sullivan is in the awesome band Red Fang (which is opening for Mastodon on their latest tour) and drummer Brian Walsby does comics etc)…

Buy it at Shiny Beast

Shiny Beast–Lodestar (not even one of their best, I’ll try to upload something better to youtube later!)


Justice–Civilization (Fucking Champs remix)

Justice–Civilization (Fucking Champs remix)

All we can say is, wow! The Fucking Champs made this song like 100x better! Champs/Justice/Daft Punk album/world tour???

Sonic Youth and Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd: Interstellar Overdrive

Kurt: “Exactly which parts of daydream nation sound like pink floyd? Minutemen are prog rock? I think you are stretching your “everything is prog rock” thesis a bit too far. If you said that husker du sounded like king crimson on zen arcade then yes, but really, come on. Exactly which parts of daydream nation sound like pink floyd? Minutemen are prog rock? I think you are stretching your “everything is prog rock” thesis a bit too far. If you said that husker du sounded like king crimson on zen arcade then yes, but really, come on.”

Basically, the first two Minutemen albums as prog rock: the complicated bass and the tricky timing that’s way different from punk rock, the bass is like in Yes or Gentle Giant, the guitar is complicated and tricky, so is the drumming, it’s way different from punk or hardcore, and the Minutemen were big fans of Captain Beefheart which falls under the prog rock umbrella in terms of experimentation.

I would say the first two Minutemen albums are as much prog rock as they are punk, not necessarily like keyboard laden prog but tricky time change prog (Yes and Gentle Giant happen to have bits of both). Daydream Nation, the echo and noise breakdowns like in Silver Rocket and Total Trash, are very similar in parts and vibe to a lot of Pink Floyd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn, it’s their most indie album, with Syd Barret, I’m not talking about Dark Side of the Moon or anything.

Check out songs like Interstellar Overdrive (the beginning few seconds sounds exactly like a song on Daydream Nation or Goo even!) or Astronomy Domine, they’re quite different from more mainstream Pink Floyd (which I happen to like too). They’re very experimental noise rock, art rock, postpunk even at times, much different from what people consider more “bloated” PInk Floyd (but which has become much more influential on bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor etc in recent years).

Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine

Here’s another person in a book on rock calling Minutemen prog rock, saying they fused hardcore and prog… Also here: “Borrowing the pagan impetus from hardcore, the harsh quirkiness from the new wave and the cerebral, and the convoluted indulgence from progressive-rock, the Minutemen concocted the miniature hardcore shrapnels of Punch Line (feb 1981 – nov 1981) and What Makes A Man Start Fires (jul/aug 1982 – jan 1983).

The acrobatic primitivism of these albums became even more neurotic and atonal on Double Nickels On The Dime (nov 1983/apr 1984 – jul 1984), one of the most ambitious recordings of the decade, a veritable encyclopedia of musical styles revisited from the point of view of a spastic genius reminiscent of Captain Beefheart and the Pop Group. After Boon’s untimely death in 1985, the survivors hired a new vocalist, renamed themselves fIREHOSE (1), released Ragin’ Full On (oct 1986 – nov 1986) and pursued a more conscious program to refound the song format, except that R.E.M.-like folk-rock took over Minutemen’s unpredictable structures.”

Pink Floyd and Sonic Youth:
“Gary Gersh, who signed us, had some sort of idea that ‘You guys could be the next Pink Floyd,'” Gordon remembers with a smile.”

Here’s a comment on Youtube
“Anybody else think that Sonic Youth ripped early floyd off alot….?” rassault 1 month ago

A whole thread on Piper at the Gates of Dawn on a Sonic Youth fan site

“As D. Boon of the Minutemen famously said, “Punk is whatever we made it to be.” This seemed especially true of the generation of American iconoclasts associated with independent labels such as SST and Discord in the 1980s. Not unlike prog-rock or fusion of the time, these bands experimented with song structure, lyrical content, improvisation, and even crowd control. But unlike their more “respectable” counterparts, the punks sought to disrupt the complacent social order they inherited.”

The Key to Learning Two-Handed Tapping on Guitar

I’d been trying to learn two-handed tapping on guitar due to liking bands like Don Caballero and Maps and Atlases, this great new-to-me band Adebisi Shank, Marnie Stern, Hella, etc, and of course Van Halen etc but could never figure it out. I watched this video and it taught me what I was missing! Basically, I was missing that you can “flick” the string to play a note you’re holding down, and you can flick it at a different fret than the note you’re currently fretting, at a fret that you’ll play later–so say you’re holding down the 3rd fret on the high e string, you can flick the high e with your right hand finger at the 12th fret to play the string, it will play the note of the fret you’re holding down such as the 3rd fret, then you can hammer on the fifth fret with your left hand, then with your right hand you can press down at the 12th fret or whatever for a cool two-hand tap triplet of the 3-5-12 notes. Anyway, I had been missing that “flick” motion to play notes, I had though you were supposed to sound certain notes by just hammering on, but the “flick” while actually holding down the note actually sounds a lot better. I would try to just hammer on say a 3rd fret instead of flicking the string first and it wouldn’t sound good or wouldn’t make any noise at all!

Picture of Ian Williams from:

Japanese Psychadelic, Prog, and Jazz Fusion: Flower Travellin Band and Osamu Kitajima

Flower Travellin’ Band–Hiroshima

Osamu Kitajima – Masterless Samurai

I’ll try to add a Joji Hirota Wheel of Fortune video to Youtube soon…

Metallica Copied/Were Inspired for the Intro of Sanitarium from The Yes Song Roundabout

The intros to Metallica’s Sanitarium and Yes’ Roundabout are so nearly identical you can listen to them both at the same time via YouTubeDoubler.

Also, here are the two separate videos on YouTube:

Metallica: Sanitarium

Yes: Roundabout

Now you know where Metallica got some of their great chops inspiration from, 70s prog rock like Yes and the Metallicavishnu Orchstra!

Mahavishnu Orchestra: Birds of Fire

Also see: Metallica Copied/Influenced By Christian Death’s song “First Communion” for “Battery” on Master of Puppets; Neurosis–Souls at Zero

Robert Fripp and David Bowie: Blackout, Heroes

David Bowie–Blackout

Must have been a great time for music fans in the 70s and 80s when you could depend on Robert Fripp to show up playing guitar on not only King Crimson but Brian Eno and David Bowie albums. I think he should do the same now, hiring himself out to play those 70s Robert Fripp solos (that Slash sometimes kind of mimicked on Appetite) for bands like Daft Punk etc. And yes, Robert Fripp, you should start soloing like this again, and playing on other people’s pop records.