Justice–Civilization (Fucking Champs remix)

Justice–Civilization (Fucking Champs remix)

All we can say is, wow! The Fucking Champs made this song like 100x better! Champs/Justice/Daft Punk album/world tour???


DJ Premier–The Love is Gone

DJ Premier–Jaz O and Immobilaire–The Love is Gone

One of the best DJ Premier tracks I’ve heard in awhile. From a Youtube playlist

Tracks in the playlist include:
M.O.P. – Follow Instructions
Screwball – F.A.Y.B.A.N
Guru – The Anthem
Jaz-O & The Immobilarie – 718
Jaz-O & The Immobilarie-The Love is Gone
snoop dogg-the one and only
Pitch Black – It’s all real (alternate version)
MOP – Bloody Murder

Big Daddy Kane – Any Type Of Way

AZ-The Come Up

Mary Mary–Walking

Now, none of us at the Trickledown listen to any gospel (mostly indie, prog metal, fusion, some hip hop) but one of us is on a downtempo and broken beat kick and heard this on the radio, pretty nice!

Mary Mary–Walking

Jesu–Heartache (Ex-Godflesh)


Jesu’s a great band, with Justin Broadrick from Godflesh–somewhere between Godflesh, Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine, and Codeine…

Dorothy Ashby–Myself When Young, Soul Vibrations–Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Harp & Koto!

Dorothy Ashby, Detroit-born 70s jazz funk harp and koto player and singer extraordinaire. Here’s one of her great songs, Myself When Young, replete with flute, strings, koto, bass, drums, percussion, great vocals, etc. The first part is a killer break too.

Dorothy Ashby–Myself When Young

Dorothy Ashby–Soul Vibrations

Dorothy Ashby–Windmills of Your Mind

Japanese Psychadelic, Prog, and Jazz Fusion: Flower Travellin Band and Osamu Kitajima

Flower Travellin’ Band–Hiroshima

Osamu Kitajima – Masterless Samurai

I’ll try to add a Joji Hirota Wheel of Fortune video to Youtube soon…

Repo Man (1984)–Quentin Tarantino Ripped Off the Resivoir Dogs Shootout Scene From the Liquor Store Shootout in Repo Man

The shootout at the end of Resivoir Dogs is totally copied from the shootout in the liquor store in Repo Man (I can’t find video of it on Youtube, but it’s right before the sequence in the video above). Basically in both films you have like five people all pointing guns at each other sort of in checkmate…then they all start shooting, exact same arrangement. And the glowing briefcase in Pulp Fiction carrying a radioactive device or nuclear bomb is a total homage to the glowing car with a radioactive device or aliens in the trunk in Repo Man.

Also copies the part where this one repo man is playing him soul music, Tarantino uses that in Jackie Brown movie, also influenced by the lady repo office worker. AND Repo Man is a total LA period movie like Quentin Tarantino always does. David Lynch also copied the scene of Otto visiting his parents who are watching TV in the scene in I think Lost Highway where the guy visits his parents and they are just watching TV ignoring him pretty much.