Do not use FTP, it’s insecure–use SFTP instead

FTP, popular for updating websites etc, sends data in “cleartext,” meaning that all of your data is clearly visible if intercepted, FTP does not encrypt the data. Use SFTP instead. Below is an image showing how to use SFTP in Filezilla (use port 22).
You can also disable FTP in Dreamhost, which is advisable so you never connect by FTP by accident.


Streaming Movies Online from Netflix and Amazon

So you can stream movies from Netflix on-demand, I had forgotten you can also stream movies from Amazon. This is good to know because Netflix’s library of on-demand movies is relatively small and changes all the time–for example, right not you can’t stream the movie Falling Down on Netflix, but you can on Amazon video on-demand–so maybe the two services will be good at filling in the gaps in each other’s streaming libraries.