Robert Fripp on Bartok’s String Quartets: All Prog Rock comes from Bartok

Rock & Folk >> What was rock like back then?

Fripp >> I was a young man without work signed to Decca. I arrived in London in 67 with Sergeant Pepper’s bubbling inside of me. Hendrix, Bartok string quartets, an experience of passionate music…

Fripp >> …In 67, I wondered more what would have happened if Hendrix had interpreted Bartok’s string quartets, or Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring”. Hendrix with his power, his distinct style, his cutting edge in a totally different framework. The merging of the Afro-American culture, the blues and jazz, and the tonal harmonic European system. For me, “Larks Tongue’s in Aspic” tried to answer this question…



Pen Rollings of Honor Role, Breadwinner, and Loincloth on Voivod

“…Honor Role did what we did, and it was very organic and real. As we saw and were inspired by things, we made them part of our fabric. And for me, Voivod, King Diamond and Mekong Delta were a part of that. They really spoke to me. And Tannon was always the young metal dude standing on the side of the road, waiting for a ride. He was very influential in showing that stuff to me. Also, during Honor Role, I was always down in Raleigh, hanging with Corrosion [of Conformity].” via Chunklet

Never buy a Crosley Solo Radio–they’re MONO!!!!

They sell these Crosley Solo Radios at Target…pretty small size and sound decent…until you realize they’re MONO and can’t correctly play 33% of songs which have instruments in one channel or the other–you won’t hear a guitar, or a vocal part, or a piano part, or whatever. HORRIBLE!!! I’m taking mine back and demanding a REFUND!!!!! These radios should clearly be marked ‘mono.’ I mean, who sells mono radios these days anyway????

Repo Man (1984)–Quentin Tarantino Ripped Off the Resivoir Dogs Shootout Scene From the Liquor Store Shootout in Repo Man

The shootout at the end of Resivoir Dogs is totally copied from the shootout in the liquor store in Repo Man (I can’t find video of it on Youtube, but it’s right before the sequence in the video above). Basically in both films you have like five people all pointing guns at each other sort of in checkmate…then they all start shooting, exact same arrangement. And the glowing briefcase in Pulp Fiction carrying a radioactive device or nuclear bomb is a total homage to the glowing car with a radioactive device or aliens in the trunk in Repo Man.

Also copies the part where this one repo man is playing him soul music, Tarantino uses that in Jackie Brown movie, also influenced by the lady repo office worker. AND Repo Man is a total LA period movie like Quentin Tarantino always does. David Lynch also copied the scene of Otto visiting his parents who are watching TV in the scene in I think Lost Highway where the guy visits his parents and they are just watching TV ignoring him pretty much.