Mark Leckey “Fiorucci made me hardcore”


What a great art video… “Fiorucci made me hardcore” by Mark Leckey, as seen in the great Chicago MCA show, Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967, a show which includes some original full-scale versions Pedro Bell’s Funkadelic art, Raymond Pettibone’s Black Flag/SST art, rock art by assume vivid astrofocus, rare and original Throbbing Gristle photos and fliers, some of Peter Saville’s original New Order mock ups/working materials and covers, art by Destroy All Monsters art depicting the history of Detroit soul and rock and roll, etc.

Photo from: Imagination Becomes Reality

Also see: Mark Leckey

There’s a great review of the video here.


Magical Power Mako–Japanese psych rock/heavy/krautrock?


Man, this is great stuff, Magical Power Mako–krautrock, classic rock, psych rock, lots of guitar solos, whatever you want to call it, from the 1970s. Sort of like a Japanese Amon Duul?

Check out Magical Power Mako, on the Kosmik Radiation Radio show, showcasing some Julian Cope “Japrock Sampler” book -era music, rock from the 1970s Japan:

A great show, Major Stars, Magical Power Mako, and maybe Magma!

Original Emo


Yah boy! O.E… original emo!
Before emo meant what it does now it was really just underground postpunk, not whiny teenage mall music–kind of a mix between Joy Division and Black Flag.

I’ll have to dig up Moss Icon’s Kick the Can, Divinity Cove, or Cricketty Rise…here’s “As Afterwards the Words Still” (an acoustic song but still rockin’). Reminds me of the mighty Dark and Spike in Vain from the 80s…maybe some Honor Role…. Takes me back to a time of bands like Drive Like Jehu, Unwound, and tiny bands like Mohinder, Shroom Union…when people still listened to stuff like the Descendants and Christian Death’s Only Theatre of Pain!

I’m trying to find the picture of this emo kid with the caption “Emo is like goth…but for p**sies” That’s pretty mean…emo-kid.jpg



Of course I’m a huge Drive Like Jehu/Pitchfork/Hot Snakes fan…here’s a new track from Speedo/John Reis of the above mentioned bands plus Rocket from the Crypt and Back off Cupids

New Speedo Track “Can’t Sleep” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Update* Interestingly, the Deftones have just covered Drive Like Jehu’s Caress! The cover is actually not bad!

Jeff Beck- Blow by Blow – Al Di Meola – Land of the Midnight Sun – Fusion!


So I’m listening to the similar artists channel on for the awesome Japanese jazz guitarist Kazumi Watanabe. It’s fun because I’m getting a lot of good jazz fusion music, including the awesome song “Diamond Dust” off of Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow. I’m going to have to get the whole album now…

Another great song: Al Di Meola, Land of the Midnight Sun…also entertaining: Frank Gambale, etc.


Francis Lai


Francis Lai is one of my favorite musicians ever…up there with Arthur Verocai.  Funk, jazz, soul, soundtrack, library music.  Great background music for work or studying!  Sort of like Bill Conti, Brian Bennett, etc.

Definition/Word-Use Only and Story Scrabble


I like to think of word definitions, words in context, roots and semantic meanings. It’s like how pro chess players, when faced with a board that’s not a real game/out of context, have no more meaningful of a response than a chess novice; when I look at a scrabble board, when I play scrabble I feel like I’m in a dismembered word morgue.

Does anyone out there know of people who play scrabble, where whenever you want to use a word, you have to be able to use the word in a sentence that demonstrates that you know the meaning of a word? And then another type, where not only do you have to be able to use the word in a sentence, but each sentence by each player has to related to the sentence used by the previous player?

I think such types of scrabble should be played if they aren’t already. I always am slightly unsatisfied with scrabble playing when a lot of it is based on memorizing certain esoteric words from scrabble dictionaries, when the players might not even know the definition/how to use the word in a sentence.

**Update: I like the game Bananagrams now as a faster-paced, less trick-memorization-oriented alternative to Scrabble**

Golden Compass


This movie, Golden Compass, rocks! I liked some fantasy growing up…actually didn’t like the Lord of the Rings movies–but this is quite a fantastic! A lot of fun, amazing sets and scenery, the plot and pacing and action are all very well done, I can’t wait for the sequels. Iorek Byrnison is like the new Chewbacca or something!  The bears RULE!  Armored bears!!! Armored bears!!! Armored bears!!! I bet lots of little kids would buy armored bear stuffed animals…