More Library Music, Soundtrack Music, and Hip Hop

Gary Pacific Orchestra!!!

Gary Pacific Orchetra Similar Artists Station

Each song is like 50x better than the average hip hop beat, as most hip hop beats sample like 3-7 seconds of each of these songs. (See Dusty Fingers)…

Dick Walters – Silhouettes

Danielle Patucci – La Dimo Strzione (The outro of this song is CRAZY!!!!)

Frank Walton-Safari

Gator Soundtrack (Charles Bernstein)-Laying the trap

Jerry Gold Smith – Crossing the Border

Looks like you can find some interesting library music stuff on the Dreamtimetix blog…


The Piezoelectric Effect

The science of electricity never ceases to amaze me! Crystals…

Wikipedia: Piezoelectric

Wayne Rogers–Blues Ul-Alb


Awesome!!! Wayne Rogers is definitely one of my heroes.

Sonic the Hedgehog Bass Improvisation

Ah, so that’s what the internet is for…videos of bedroom electric bass virtuosos playing along to their favorite video game theme songs!

The bass tone reminds me of Kajagoogoo!

BTW this is the biggest Kajagoogoo fan ever:

Gravity’s Rainbow–Thomas Pynchon


I’m finally getting around to read this–it’s great. Tried reading it when I was younger, didn’t get too far back then.

NP: Passport–Horizon Beyond, Soft Machine–Esther’s Nose Job, Colosseum II-Desperado (featuring Gary Moore), via Kazumi Watanabe similar artists on

Yonin Bayashi – Japanese Prog Rock


MP3s available at:

Fun stuff–the intro to Oyogua Nessie is awesome. So is the middle part which sounds like some indie prog band like Pink Floyd meets Sonic Youth with parts of John McLaughlin’s Devotion (of course parts in Daydream Nation sound like Pink Floyd anyway)–and then the crazy robotic guitar solo which sounds like something from Green Magnet School/Robert Fripp/MX-80 Sound and the bassline like a nice King Crimson Red-era John Wetton/early Minutemen!

It’s funny how the first few Minutemen albums were like, basically prog rock (does anyone mention that) except with punk vocals and songs under a minute instead of like ten minutes long.

The Rich Man’s Michael Moore

The Rich Man’s Michael Moore

Nice WSJ article, some films I definitely want to watch:

“Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, used to be an accepted member of the New York elite, with a trust fund, a top education and loads of old-money friends. Now, thanks to his film career, he’s not as welcome.”

“Mr. Johnson insists he’s not opposed to wealth — including his own. Wealth, he says, has given him a great education, freedom, chances to travel and, best of all, the resources to do films about wealth. He says that while his documentaries are profitable, they wouldn’t pay for his lifestyle.


Yet with “The One Percent,” Mr. Johnson wanted to show how the rich have gone too far. Through interviews with economists, policy experts and environmentalists, Mr. Johnson argues that today’s wealthy have become an increasingly isolated elite. He says rather than using their wealth for good, they have used it to restructure the economy, lower their taxes, cut social programs for the middle and lower classes, and amass ever more wealth.”