Awesome Italo Acid House–Fare Soldi – Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito; Bucketheads–The Bomb; and Electroliners–Loose Caboose

Sounding like a mix between Daft Punk, a Just Blaze vocal sample, and early 808 State, it’s Fare Soldi’s new track Tutto Tutti Sempre Subito from the ITALO SCHOOL compilation.

Via Asian Dan via Big Stereo

As a bonus, here’s The Bucketheads–The Bomb

Electroliners–Loose Caboose. 1995! Funny stuff!


Avatar movie review–sophisticated eco-fantasy

Wow, Avatar may be the most expensive and sophisticated eco-fantasy movie ever made.

This movie has been getting rave reviews, and pretty much deservedly. The animation is very, very good, the visuals amazing, they developed a complex and believable alien ecosystem, and the 3D works very well. My only complaint is that it gets rather violent at the end, which is okay–but more negotiation and compromise and mind-changing might have been nice to see, rather than the usual blow-up the bad guys showdowns. Of course (see image at bottom) people have pointed out that the plot is very similar to some other movies, but set in the future…

Most notably however is it is the most direct cinematic indictment of the treatment of Native Americans in the formation of the United States, treatment of indigenous peoples by military occupiers, and also the issue of ecological issues such as global warming that I have ever seen. So much so that I think the movie could be politically divisive in some circles. Couching such political commentary in such lavish visual spectacle ensures that many more people will see this movie than will read anything like An Inconvenient Truth. It will be interesting to see if any of the movie’s messages can transcend peoples’ politics going in to see the movie due to the storytelling plus visuals.

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(plot summary image from FAIL blog)

Awesome Analog Synth Library Music Prog Funk

Mannheim Steamroller–Four Rows of Jacks

Bee Gees–Nights on Broadway
Check out the awesome analog synth action at the beginning…

Siouxsie and the Banshees–Arabian Knights & Cities in Dust

Some classic Siouxsie from the early 80s…such a great mixture of experimental and pop sensibilities…

Siouxsie and the Banshees–Arabian Knights

Siouxsie and the Banshees–Cities in Dust