Animal Hospital–Live on WNUR; Dosh–Live on WNUR

animal hospital 2
Animal Hospital–just heard Animal Hospital – “Live on WNUR 5/28/09”. OMG it’s like the best thing I’ve heard in years. Parts were like, as good as Sonic Youth Daydream Nation. WOW!!! Apparently it’s one guy, Kevin Micka…playing everything by himself with looping, including drums, guitar, keyboards, effects. Apparently he’s playing some shows again soon, I’m definitely going to see a show… Here’s his myspace: Animal Hospital

WHOA, Dosh – “Live on WNUR 5/28/08” is awesome also. Dosh is from Anticon–super good!!!! Here’s his Myspace. Jeepers!!! It’s also like all looped with electronics and live drums, great saxophone, Fender Rhodes, etc…wow!!!


El Coco–Cocomotion

Disco for world peace…sounds like the awesome soundtrack to this one 1970s Galaxy Express 999 movie I have…also see the related 70s disco group Le Pamplemousse. It’s weird how the music industry works, this stuff is easily as good as Chic, Taste of Honey, etc, it’s weird how there’s always a media monopoly of just like two or three or ten bands in any one genre that you ever hear on the radio…payola probably.

El Coco-Cocomotion

Check out this 70s disco playlist on YouTube

Le Pamplemousse–Hot Disco Soul–Get Your Boom Boom Around the Room Room and Gimme What You Got

I can never believe how much good stuff keeps emerging from the 1970s…This kind of stuff just reminds me how much postpunk, indie, new wave and electronic music like the Talking Heads and Daft Punk and Duran Duran and Lindstrom and Prins Thomas comes out of early disco/funk, lots of hip hop too for that matter…

Le Pamplemousse–Get Your Boom Boom Around the Room Room

Le Pamplemousse–Gimme What You Got

Le Pamplemousse–Le Spank

Tarika Blue–Jimi–Awesome 70s Jazz Fusion/Prog; Deodato–Speak Low

Tarika Blue–Jimi

Awesome! This great jazz fusion band is from New York, the guitarist is Japanese, Ryo Kawasaki–what solos! Apparently the Tarika Blue song ““Dreamflower”, which has been sampled by Erykah Badu for a neo-soul, R&B hit (Grammy nominated), was also sampled by a drum ‘n’ bass group in the UK, the Underwolves,” according to the record label Downtown Sound.

Here’s some more awesome 70s jazz/jazz fusion:

Deodato-Speak Low
Deodato produced like all of the great 70s Kool and the Gang records as far as I know…

Sebastien Tellier–Broadway

Sebastien Tellier–Broadway
I hope he makes another album, this time with the guy from Daft Punk like on Sexuality and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti’s drummer) on drums like on Politics…

Permutations, Combinations, Ordered and Unordered Selections without Repetition, and Binomial Numbers Explained Graphically

Multiplication branching4
Click on the image for the full-size, legible version of the diagram…

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Procul Harum–Simple Sister

One of the best 70s funky classic rock songs–
Simple Sister–Procul Harum.