Daft Punk Copied Their Helmets From 1970s Motown Artist Mandre!!!

So we all know what the Daft Punk helmets look like…turns out they are from the first and second album by 70’s Motown disco/electro/funk artist Mandre, look at these album covers (and we know how much Daft Punk samples obscure 70s disco/electro/funk like Breakwater)! Notice on the first album how there’s that band of black across the silver helmet caused by shadowing, which looks similar to the protruding black visor on that one Daft Punk helmet, the silver with black banding, and the other is just the same too, a large black panel on that gold helmet, just minus those two pointed spikes…Notice the first Mandre robot is in a tuxedo, check the Daft Punk robots in suits below…

Mandre-Solar Flight



The Terminator, Aliens, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Lost Highway, and Grand Theft Auto are all influenced by Scarface (Brian De Palma)

Pulp Fiction–John Travolta must entertain the pretty, aloof drug dealer’s wife who acts cool and sniffs cocaine and has a bob haircut, like Tony and Elvira in Scarface. In both movies the end up dancing together at a club/restaurant.

Terminator (1983)–The entire Terminator character (shades, buff, slow, intentionally moving, with a shotgun) appears in the last scene of Scarface, the character who kills Tony with the shotgun; Arnold’s Terminator character is totally based on this gunman.

Aliens (1986)–The parts where Ripley has that machine gun with the rocket/grenade launcher totally mirrors the part in Scarface where he shoots through the door with the machine gun/rocket launcher and yells “Say hello to my little friend”

Lost Highway–The car repair kid must entertain the pretty, aloof drug dealer’s wife who acts cool and has a bob haircut, like Tony and Elvira in Scarface. Of course, the drug dealer is the same actor as Frank from Scarface!

Reservoir Dogs–highly influenced by the ultra violence, the chainsaw scene, etc.

Grand Theft Auto–it goes with out saying that Grand Theft Auto Vice City is entirely based on Scarface.

The Big Lebowski–I thought I saw some connection, I forgot. But I think the Dude’s character is based in part on the drug dealer with the adrenalin syringe in Pulp Fiction.

By the way, the Giorgio Moroder soundtrack to Scarface is AMAZING!!!

From Wikipedia:
“De Palma has encouraged and fostered the filmmaking careers of directors such as Quentin Tarantino, Mark Romanek and Keith Gordon. Tarantino said – during interview with De Palma, that Blow Out is one of his all time favourite films, and that after watching Scarface he knew how to make his own film.”

Petition for Lego to Reissue the Cafe Corner set!

Hi, if you like Legos, you might have seen or own one of the best Lego kits in many years, Cafe Corner! It was released a few years ago, priced relatively high at $149. It is now out of print…and people are selling if for $600 on Ebay! If you like Cafe Corner, please e-mail Lego and also take this Lego customer survey (you can even write them letters at LEGO Systems, Inc., 555 Taylor Road, P.O. Box 1138, Enfield, CT 06083-1138, USA), and ask Lego to reissue Cafe Corner!!! On the survey linked above, they even listed some other people’s comments and suggestions, it looks like they are really compiling people’s feedback, so be sure to let them know they should reissue Cafe Corner. They reissued the Galaxy Explorer kit in the 1970s/1980s so it can be done! Thanks!