Beck Dressed as Captain Beefheart in the Where It’s At Video

So I was watching the Where It’s At video by Beck today and realized that he totally pays homage to Captain Beefheart by dressing like him at 1:27 into the video, with the same pink/red/magenta background sky tint as Captain Beefheart in all of the Trout Mask Replica album photos! Along with name dropping Gary Wilson, I’m endlessly impressed by Beck’s shoutouts to weird musical culture!

Here’s the video:

Beck–Where it’s at

For good measure:

Gary Wilson–Chromium Bitch


Beastie Boys, Just Blaze, and Nas album

Beastie Boys–Ch-Check it out (Just Blaze remix)

Beastie Boys & Nas–Too many rappers

So like, seriously, there should be a Beastie Boys & Nas album produced mostly by Just Blaze.

Snakefinger–The Man in the Dark Sedan & Jesus was a Leprechaun

Wow, how did I miss out on Snakefinger for so long? Weirdo new wave experimental prog punk?

Snakefinger–Jesus was a Leprechaun

Snakefinger–The Man In The Dark Sedan

Japanese Psychadelic, Prog, and Jazz Fusion: Flower Travellin Band and Osamu Kitajima

Flower Travellin’ Band–Hiroshima

Osamu Kitajima – Masterless Samurai

I’ll try to add a Joji Hirota Wheel of Fortune video to Youtube soon…