Sebastien Tellier “Sexual Sportswear” video is a tribute to ’80s Sci-fi movie Looker (Michael Crichton)

Sebastien Tellier–Sexual Sportswear video–check it out, the whole video is a tribute to the awesome 1980s sci-fi movie Looker, by Michael Crichton!!! Love the movie, you’ve got to see it.  Check out the photos below–look familiar?

Looker–clips from the topograhic scanning scene

Here’s that cool guy from Looker with the awesome futuristic mirrored shades and the moustache and the cool Laser Tag gun that paralyzes you in your tracks (hence the necessity of the mirrored shades).  Oh I forgot to mention, the whole concept perfectly predicts the whole Pokemon seizure phenomenon–the bad guys in Looker were using light flashes to hypnotize people, first through light guns then through TV…kind of like how the Pokemon flashing lights sequence gave people seizures


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